Information for Tourists visiting Algeria. The People Democratic Republic of Algeria is Located within North Africa and alongside the Mediterranean Sea. The country ranks as the continent's second-biggest country. We offer the following information to potential tourists and travelers to Algeria.. To make your stay in the country more memorable, it is best to see the following top 10 tourist spots in Algeria. • Monument des Martyrs • M’Zab Valley • Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad • Djemila • Tipaza • Santa Cruz Castle • Belzma National Park • Tebessa • Timgad • Great Mosque of Tlemcen • Visa Requirements • Hotels and available accommodations • Immunizations Security and Safety • African Weather and Climate information • Post Office • Languages • Currency, Exchange Rates and Banking • Tipping / Gratuities • Tax Information • Valuable Contacts incase of Emergencies • We provide Tour guides to Africa.

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